Did you know?

22% of female consumers shop online daily
171: Average number of contacts in her address book
92% of women share savings tips to friends
50% of women wish they had more eco-friendly brand options
18-24 yr. females: Consumers who use the internet most often
Women purchase 90% of beauty products, 94% of apparel, 89% of home products, 81% of gifts and 51% of consumer electronics
In the U.S., women earn more bachelor’s degrees than men
In the U.S. women spend an average of 13 hours per week online against 3 hours on magazines and 3 hours on newspapers
Plan. Connect.
Monitor. Analyze.

Plan: Leveraging leading consumer research provided by our affiliates, ESSE constructs detailed profiles surrounding your customer and her buying behavior. ESSE uses this information to better target media channels that shape your customer's attitudes and opinions.

Connect: ESSE customizes your campaign with persuasive, research-rich marketing vehicles that are developed to speak to -not at - your female customers. Media and social networks need to be considered a place where earning a woman's trust is the intention and not simply just another reach mechanism. As media channels continue to fragment, engagement is the key to impacting consumers and earning share of space and mind.

Monitor: From influencer outreach to social media management, and editorial placements, ESSE generates brand awareness through various information channels. These channels include magazines, television, newspapers, radio, blogs and in-depth social networking conversations amongst Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Analyze: Public Relations metrics should be both quantitative and qualitative. ESSE uses quantitative analytics tools which explore the total number of articles, mentions in the press, coverage by area, page traffic, as well social network metrics. Qualitative analysis includes message penetration as well as audience and tone analysis. Although increasing brand visibility is always a primary goal, equally valuable is to whom you are visible.