Did you know?

70% of all revenue spent in the US is spent by women.
70% of all revenue spent in the US is spent by women.
70% of all revenue spent in the US is spent by women.
For women. By women.

ESSE knows that any given marketing message will impact a man differently than it may a woman; not surprisingly a recent survey revealed 91% of women feel advertisers don't understand them. ESSE, partnered with the most current female consumer research and on-going relations with the nation's highest ranked media, tailors your PR campaign to resonate with a woman's intellect, interests, and inclinations.

The affluent female is responsible for more than 85% of consumer spending, upward of $20 trillion worldwide annually. She is a consumer power-house with a vigorous spending mentality. She evaluates a product's pros and cons, calls upon the opinions of her friends, and is swept off her feet by sentimental, persuasive marketing messages. She is a repeat customer and a loyal one at that, quick to brag about her unique finds and best buys. 92% of women reportedly pass on savings and promotional offers to their friends.

Affluent women are the majority share consumer with the unique ability to influence the buying power of the "other" customer as well. A man may be quick to purchase the flat screen of his dreams, a sudden nightmare if he didn't receive the nod of his female counterpart. Interestingly enough, women are responsible for more than 73% of household buying decisions. Recent research suggests that, despite the current climate, women are spending in an unprecedented manner, and that this is a hugely progressive economic and social force.

She is THE target customer and ESSE is your medium to reach her.